Journal of Batteries for Renewable Energy
and Electric Vehicles (JBREV)


The JBREV is devoted to publish new and original research, article review related to battery materials, science & engineering that applicable to renewable energy and electric vehicles.

Subject Area

(1) Battery Materials Science and Engineering, (2) Electric Vehicles, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering, (3) Energy Storage and Power Technology, (4) Renewable Energy, Clean Energy, and Energy Conversion.


The JBREV is for researchers and technology enthusiasts in all aspects of the science, technology, and applications of battery for energy storage and electric vehicles. The journal publishes new and original research, and topical reviews, about the science and applications of primary and secondary batteries, electrochemical processes (material science, process engineering and technology, electrocatalysis, energy conversion and storage, separation membranes, capacitors, novel materials, analysis, material and device characterization, and design of components, devices, and systems), flow batteries, electrolyzers, fuel cells, supercapacitors, thermogalvanic cells and photo-electrochemical cells. The topics also cover the research, development, and applications of nanomaterials and novel componentry for various devices, such as portable electronics, electric and hybrid electric vehicles, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), renewable energy storage, satellites and deep space probes, boats & ships, drones & aircrafts, and wearable energy storage systems.


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